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Epic Logo, Epic Fail

Fri Oct 3, 2008, 10:34 AM…

And the DA community eats it up. But this is just over glorified Spec Work. It's also a sad excuse for not putting the time, money and effort into hiring a marketing/design company to develop your logo and brand.  This is a common mistake by many companies. It's upsetting for several reasons.

1. There is a lot that goes into creating a brand for a company. It's not just a pretty icon and some words. A logo and everything around it has to have meaning. It's the icon of the company. It should tell you who the company is, what they do. It should be targeted toward a demographic. These are the things that must be considered when creating a logo. It's also the things that allows a logo to stand the test of time.

2. It gives DA a bunch of free logos for which they could do with whatever. They don't have to actually use that logo but take the concept. Since concepts can't be copyrighted.

3. It gives every dick and jane with a copy of photoshop or illustrator the thought that they are now a professional designer. This bothers me, not that only people with design degrees can design. But chances are there will be a lot of entries of people who will take some random tutorial of special effects that they found online slap it together with some "pretty type" and call it a logo.  No thought, no passion, no direction. See #1

4. $2500 is a nice price tag, but this also connects to #2 and in essence it's Spec Work.  Since DA has a very large community no doubt there will hundreds to thousands of entries. If the these people logos aren't chosen it becomes pointless work.  But then there is a kicker this line However, there is no guarantee of a winner being chosen.

If we don't see a logo that outdoes what we've already created, then we will continue rolling out this new logo.

So there is a high chance that DA won't even be given out this $2500.  

This is shady work for DA, and it's upsetting. This is  a common tactic among a lot of website template sites. People compete for a prize but there isn't a guarantee on a win.

It's a waste and a shame and down right wrong.  Artist should be aware of what Spec Work is.


Spread the word... do not lower the value of real design work.

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bakatron Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008  Professional General Artist
to be honest i dont think pros would even bother with this contest. its going to give some aspiring amateurs a chance to develop their skills but thats all. whoever wins can proudly put it on his cv and use it to get a better job but thats all.
faerywitch Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I agree with you Ed. I was actually shocked to see a real money prize, since lately DA has been offering a
one year subscription ($30) and a videogame ($60) so I was surprised. I hate how a community that is supposed to support the arts is actually undermining their value.
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