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11 Years without a emmy...

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 12:32 PM

What does a person have to do around here to get an Emmy? … or a DD.

So today marks my 11th anniversary on DeviantArt. Thereby making it the longest relationship I've managed to maintain.

In the time I've joined I've mange to grow exponentially as an artist, I even graduated college and stated working as a professional graphic designer.

Here are some interesting stats according to DA

I have 125 Deviations (this number doesn't include the ones I've locked or just plain deleted out of embarrassment)
14,529 pageviews (really in 11 years? ugh!)
119 Watchers (hey there)
I've favorited 1,910 deviations.
My works were however viewed 74,887 times

My most popular work
29 Ways to Stay Creative by edhall
29 Ways To Stay Creative (With 83 Comments, 751 Favorites and 30,595 views)

I know I don't post much or often here, I actually spend most of my time drooling over everyone else's work. But I do love this website and the community here. I've seen many art communities rise and fall and DeviantArt has stood the test of time. After 11 years I still keep coming around… that's gotta mean something.


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henning Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Well done, Ed :cowboy:
I don't comment much around here, but I still make sure to keep my DA gallery updated and reply to as many comments as I can.
It's a good place to walk around and browse excellent talent.

DA is still a very special place to me :)
keight Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Happy dA anniversary, ED. I drool a lot around here as well.

I have noticed, in my own case, that making an intelligent comment on the art posts of folks whose work I really like tends to get page-views due to the "who was that person who said that" factor. Sometimes they even look at, or comment on, my work. :D As to DDs and Emmys, I've none; my friends do, including a couple with Emmy and Oscar paperweights at home.
edhall Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
Yeah it's funny that my deviations have lots of views… just not my page. Story of my life. Yeah I've gotten away from commenting mostly out of laziness… no not mostly just laziness. I honestly feel it's the way I view DA. It's so easy to see the artwork then click the fav button right next to it. But then to scroll down and leave a comment… well yeah laziness.
keight Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Did you factor in those days when you're walk into the walls tired, or coming up for air in the midst of the newest crisis, only to realize there's another one aimed right at you, and except for work, you haven't seen the internet in days?????? Don't be too hard on yourself.
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